“Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved fire. I’ll tell you something. I just didn’t pick it up overnight. Ten years I’ve been doing them and I’ll tell you it’s bloody hard to stop when you get the urge.”
- Bruce George Peter Lee, convicted murderer and arsonist

In his book “Torchered” Minds, arson and bomb detective Ed Nordskog invites readers to examine the peculiar topic of serial arson and the profiles and histories of the people behind it.

The book revolutionizes the boilerplate definition of arson and provides comprehensive documentation on the distinguishable crime of serial arson. Backed with his experience in the field, consultation with other experts and personal research, Nordskog details the different types and subtypes of arsonists, their common traits and the motives behind serial arson behavior.

From the “firebugs” that society shuns to vanity-driven, so-called hero arsonists, the book presents actual case studies of the criminals that fall under each classification. Some of the arsonists discussed are locally known offenders while others have achieved notoriety in a national scale. The author provides an investigator’s analysis that explores the history and profile of the arsonist and the possible motive behind the crime committed.

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